How am I doing on my goals?

I’m a little bit behind but doing ok. I taped my first youtube video yesterday. Yesterday was supposed to be the day I posted it but I moved that to Thursday. That gives me this week for editing and I just downloaded iMovie. Also, I’m not doing much editing to it. The first vid was taken all in one take and was completely off the top of my head. I feel pretty happy with it, though there are places I could improve. (1) My arms are a bit cray in the beginning. (2) I need to figure out how to smile more. (3) The camera should be closer.


I think my priority has to be an offering for the attachment community. I think the most effective thing is going to be ask for volunteers for a 20–30 minute interview and offer an hour coaching session as trade. This will prob get me some attention in the community as well as maybe find me some clients.

  • Upgrade Calendly
  • Brush up on Customer Dev



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Dylan Smeder

Dylan Smeder

I am a life and relationship coach. The focus of this blog is self-coaching with anxiety.