What's My Niche?

  • It's specific
  • Because it's my personal goal I think it will give me material to work with
  • Using the fact that your brain is thinking all the time for you.
  • Like you can just use a phone and pice by piece put it all together.
  • That by analyzing what has already been done you can improve.
  • Like my channel should start off shitty and I should show the progression and talk about the progression.
  • The point of the channel is progression
  • Its fluid
  • I want to show how to make money using your personality and skills this can convert to other people trying ot make a youtube video or can it?
  • If its progression and fluid I can change the topic soon after starting
  • in the beginning it's going to be about starting. and finding other your tube videos that teach what I want to learn about youtube. Like I don;t have to create a lot of videos. The first one is supposed to not be so good. The second will be a reflection on that and talking about what I have learned pulling in other videos.

First video

“I feel anxious but I need to just get a video up so I cross that line. I don't really want to accomplish anything in this video other than getting myself to talk for a little and get it online. The purpose of this channel is a fluid look at social media. I want to earn money focused on what I love, given the social media landscape and figure where I fit in here. I’m going to talk about self-coaching with anxiety, making money, setting goals, and achieving those goals. Short term my goal is to understand youtube and share what I’m learning and my process. How I’m doing it and why I’m doing it and what fits and what doesn’t. I’m going to talk about my coaching business and how I am looking at marketing. I’m going to discuss my process for thinking about longer-term goals with this channel and how I hope to achieve them.

Second video


Video 3


Video 4


Video 5


Video 6

Attachment styles, going slow, and being open and vulnerable. Tradeoffs and risks.

Video 7

Love languages? not sure about this one. Maybe for later and maybe to add to attachment styles?

Video 8

My blog?

Video 9

My coaching business? and this as marketing?

Video 10

Goals, what am I going to have to do to make my youtube channel monetizable? Part of it is just giving these videos time to see if they resonate. Do I have to reshoot them with a higher quality camera/mic? DO I need to spend more time on writing? It’s possible to redo all of it. That the beauty of this tech. Its editable. Maybe every year I should redo my basic 10? or something lol.

Other subjects

More vids on anxiety tools? Mention at some point that if people have anxiety questions put them in the thread and let's discuss. Find videos that I like discussing anxiety tools.


10 vids will give me a ~2.5 month buffer. Maybe 2 months since it will take time to complete all of them. If I can keep pumping them out at more than 2 a week I can move to 2 a week (https://youtu.be/A3kwRAB_-lQ) but I really want tofocus on quality and filling places where I see spaces.


Is this what I should advertise as coaching on my website? Not yet I don’t think. Like one, the website is pretty complete and I think it makes sense to create multiple complete things that can stand alone even if they aren’t completely in sync as opposed to waiting til everything is perfect to publish. Like really I’m happy coaching pretty much anyone and my inch on my coaching website is more marketing material so that I can connect with people.



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Dylan Smeder

Dylan Smeder

I am a life and relationship coach. The focus of this blog is self-coaching with anxiety. dylansmeder.com